Top 5 Quirky, Fun, and Best Lodging Spots to Visit in the Fall

Admire the Fall Foliage at One of the these Best Spots to Visit in the Fall: Planning to stay at a hotel or motel during your next fall vacations? You might get an accommodation as you’d expect, but you might miss out on creating a memorable stay. Instead of spending days/nights in a hotel or a motel, spend this fall embracing the outdoors and admiring the bright colors and the crisp air.
You can either take a road trip or go on a hike during this cooler weather to admire the foliage of the fall. Here are some of the best spots to visit in the fall where you can gain a unique lodging experience while creating some unforgettable and great memories.

1. Teepee’s: The teepee’s are the spots with overnight lodging available at some national parks, falling under the glamorous camping category, also known as glamping. Enjoy a unique lodging experience with cots, blankets, pillows, mattresses, towels, as well as chairs provided for a leisurely stay under a canvas teepee exterior.

2. Hike-in Lodges: There are few places where you can get a peace of mind in the nature’s lap, far from the noise of vehicles& other things of the modern world. You can simply experience hiking trails and enjoy conversations with your companions or other hikers, have healthy food and a sound sleep without being disturbed. Various spots are available across the country for a wonderful hike-in vacation this fall.

3. A Lighthouse: Lighthouses are towers where you can hear the sound of crashing waves and closely feel the mesmerizing smell in the air. These spots are designed for travelers to create beautiful memories during a quick vacation in the fall season. Cape Cod’s Race Point Lighthouse, Pigeon point lighthouse in California, and Big Bay lighthouse B&B in Michigan are a few great options to choose from.

4. Train Cabooses: These are typical car houses where you can enjoy an overnight outing within your budget and recollect the memories of the old times. Fully furnished like cottages, train cabooses add an immense pleasure to travelers’ vacations allowing them to spend some time out of the hectic city environment.

5. Yurts: Another form of tents, Yurts are sturdy, tall, round, and spacious ones that are designed in such a way so that they avoid any kind of leakage. You can easily stand in a yurt and stretch out your arms. So, if you are looking to have an adventurous night out in a tent, while experiencing redwood decks, you will love to stay at a yurt during this fall.
Forgo the idea of choosing the same old hotels & motels as your vacation pit spots and consider exploring lodging and leisurely travel spots with a list of best spots to visit in the fall available with you.