Roughing it in the Wild

Roughing it in the wild is a way to blow off some steam and disconnect yourself from all the trappings of the hectic modern world. In this article, we are going to tell give you some tips about roughing it in the wild and also tell you about some useful equipment to take with you.

Benefits of Camping out in the Woods

– You will carry out exercise without even knowing by having to walk up and down steep hills, jumping over various obstacles in your path and having to carry your supplies and equipment.
– It will allow you to properly socialize with people with mobile phones and social media to distract you.
– Finally, it is an experience, even if you have done camping before there will still be something new for you to do and encounter every time you go camping. If you want to freshen things up then it is recommended to go and visit a part of the forest you haven’t been in before or just go to a different forest altogether.

How to Rough It in the Wild?

– Always make sure to arrive before night falls, so you have enough time to find your perfect spot and set up before it becomes pitch black.
– Take food and snacks that don’t have to be prepared such as sweets, biscuits, and crisps to keep you full as cooking food can take a lot of waiting.
– When you are taking the meat to cook it is advisable that it is already cut up and ready to go.
– Make sure that you have enough clean drinkable water and other drinks with you as in the forest you will not be able to find any clean and safe water to drink.
– Don’t be scared to explore and get your hands dirty, the only thing you should avoid doing is getting yourself and your clothes soaked with water as during the colder months and even during the night in the summer the temperature is really low. The water soaked clothes will absorb all the heat from your body leaving you at risk from hypothermia.

Useful Equipment to Take with You

– Bring equipment to start a fire such as a lighter or fire matches if you do not know how to start a fire using flint or friction.
-Bring a compass as a foolproof way to know where you are going.
– A torch is extremely useful during the nighttime to see things.
– A mobile phone is a must as it will let you to quickly and easily get in contact if there are any emergencies or if you want to order some fast food. Make sure to put it away and refrain from using it to ensure for a more authentic camping experience.
– There are also a lot of other ingenious equipment such as Portable Solar Panel charging stations for your phone that are available at Sirius Survival.


In conclusion, roughing it out in the woods is something that everyone should have a go at least once it in their lives. With the right amount of knowledge, the proper mindset and some important equipment and supplies, you can have an experience unlike any other out there!