Best Vacation Hotels Around the World

If you think to go for a vacation, then this article is for you. Everyone is eagerly waiting for vacations, but they do not find the best place for a vacation to enjoy, if you find the best place then, they do not have the best hotels to stay and enjoy the every second of vacation. Then this article will helps you for your vacation trip. Let’s see some of the best vacation spots and their hotels:

Paris, France:

One of the top rated place in the world and this place is worth too seeing in your lifetime. Paris is like the best place to vacation if you never visited Paris, then you miss such amazing place. Paris is one of the fastest developing city and an old architect design city. Some of the best hotels/ lodging places in Paris:

1. Hotel Mathis (Paris, France): this is the best place to stay, the room of the hotels is vintage and it is well decor inside.
2. Le Meurice (Paris, France): it is the one of the oldest hotels in Paris almost 200 years, it has Versailles-style, which looks stunning and feels amazing.
3. Le Roch Hotel & Spa (Paris, France): this is the lavish hotel in Paris, it attracts the guest by its looks and it makes a fabulous interior in a hotel with good comfort for guests.

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New York:

New York is the hi-tech city in the world. This looks the future of the world with its eye catching architecture and an arts scene. New York has an almost all brands of shopping available. New York is the city which never sleeps.

1. The Whitby (New York, United States): A unique hotels which are in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It offers top class services to their guest.
2. Crosby Street Hotel (New York, United States): it is a great design and sophistication hotels, which provide classic details in their design.
3. The St. Regis New York (New York, United States): this is among the luxury hotels of the New York. It provides a lavish interior design with a great combination in design.

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Rome, Italy:

If you are historical architect lovers, then this is for you. Rome is known for a best architect design in the world. Rome has one of the oldest architect structures in the world, which is stunning and also now attracts many peoples of the world with its architect design.

1. Hotel Raphael (Rome, Italy): like the city is old architect, design, the hotel is also an old design from outside. It is great from inside with a rooftop restaurant.
2. The H’All Tailor Suite (Rome, Italy): this is a stylish hotel in Rome, it provides the luxury rooms for the guest and a highly attentive service to guests.
3. Gran Meliá Rome (Rome, Italy): this hotel is located in the heart of the historic Rome. It is the largest hotel in the heart of the Rome. it also provides all the luxury facilities to their guest.

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