Roughing it in the Wild

Roughing it in the wild is a way to blow off some steam and disconnect yourself from all the trappings of the hectic modern world. In this article, we are going to tell give you some tips about roughing it in the wild and also tell you about some useful equipment to take with you.

Benefits of Camping out in the Woods

– You will carry out exercise without even knowing by having to walk up and down steep hills, jumping over various obstacles in your path and having to carry your supplies and equipment.
– It will allow you to properly socialize with people with mobile phones and social media to distract you.
– Finally, it is an experience, even if you have done camping before there will still be something new for you to do and encounter every time you go camping. If you want to freshen things up then it is recommended to go and visit a part of the forest you haven’t been in before or just go to a different forest altogether.

How to Rough It in the Wild?

– Always make sure to arrive before night falls, so you have enough time to find your perfect spot and set up before it becomes pitch black.
– Take food and snacks that don’t have to be prepared such as sweets, biscuits, and crisps to keep you full as cooking food can take a lot of waiting.
– When you are taking the meat to cook it is advisable that it is already cut up and ready to go.
– Make sure that you have enough clean drinkable water and other drinks with you as in the forest you will not be able to find any clean and safe water to drink.
– Don’t be scared to explore and get your hands dirty, the only thing you should avoid doing is getting yourself and your clothes soaked with water as during the colder months and even during the night in the summer the temperature is really low. The water soaked clothes will absorb all the heat from your body leaving you at risk from hypothermia.

Useful Equipment to Take with You

– Bring equipment to start a fire such as a lighter or fire matches if you do not know how to start a fire using flint or friction.
-Bring a compass as a foolproof way to know where you are going.
– A torch is extremely useful during the nighttime to see things.
– A mobile phone is a must as it will let you to quickly and easily get in contact if there are any emergencies or if you want to order some fast food. Make sure to put it away and refrain from using it to ensure for a more authentic camping experience.
– There are also a lot of other ingenious equipment such as Portable Solar Panel charging stations for your phone that are available at Sirius Survival.


In conclusion, roughing it out in the woods is something that everyone should have a go at least once it in their lives. With the right amount of knowledge, the proper mindset and some important equipment and supplies, you can have an experience unlike any other out there!

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

When you are on vacation, there are two things you should remember when it comes to food. The first and most important thing is to eat and enjoy eating. Make time every day to eat. It is not uncommon for travelers to have both a time budget and money and to overlook eating as an important part of each day. If you do not supply fuel to your body, it simply will not work for you! Secondly and the most obvious thing is to monitor the quality of the food that you put in your body.

Yes, this means ask yourself if the food is safe, but not only that, it’s healthy for you. It is very easy, while traveling, to introduce high-energy snacks, cheap and easily accessible, and overlook properly balanced meals. Without a good meal, your body will not function properly, you will be more susceptible to diseases, will have less energy and will be prone to headaches, will become irritable and have less fun.

Eating cheap does not necessarily mean getting sick.

If you have a budget, go to local, look for local places. The busier the place, the better the food. Also, go to the local markets, eat fruits, you will be surprised at how cheap and good the fruit is in Asia. It’s clean, it’s good for you and it’s easy to obtain. The peelable fruit is a good choice if you are prone to annoying stomachs or water is not very good in that particular country, as an additional safety measure, do not forget to rinse with bottled or purified water.

How to avoid the low quality food?

Of course, you do not want to get sick, check the restaurant. All these are small signs of the quality of the food if a landlord can not take the trouble to clean the tables, sweep the floor, etc. It is unlikely that you pay much attention to the cleanliness of your food! Another precaution is, always choose hot food from the road or local restaurants, and never go for rice or hot noodles, not huge, no.

Follow these simple rules and you should never make travelers run. Remember not to confuse an annoying tummy of a change in diet as a food poisoning!

Useful tip: many hikers swear by a bottle of coca with every meal, the acid in the coca tends to kill any bacteria by going around the juices of their stomach.

Water – Stay hydrated

Drink, drink, drink Stay alert and hydrated by drinking 2 to 3 liters per day. In most countries in Asia, tap water is not acceptable for drinking, and even if it is considered that way, I do not advise drinking it unless you are an experienced traveler whose body has acquired the right balance to do so. Buying bottled water is the best option, although it is much better for the environment to bring your own bottle of water and treat the water or go buy it again.

Beat the Heat

Stay calm and stay cool. If you travel in hot weather, you need to slow down and keep hydrated. Avoid spending excessive time in the sun. Avoid drinking beer, as cold and refreshing as it can be, it’s not a good daytime substitute for water! Try to plan your day to be more active when it is cooler in the mornings and afternoons and to rest during the hottest part of the day.

Staying Active & Resting Effectively

An important part of your healthcare routine should be Lipodrene Ephedra, it will help you keep your weight loss going while you may not be able to work out. On the other end of the spectrum, as simple as it seems, getting enough sleep is vital to being healthy and active and enjoying your vacation. It is very easy when you travel to put everything, be constantly moving during the day and stay away until late at night. You should remember to take things slowly or, otherwise, it will burn and make your body more susceptible to the disease.

Winter Getaway Choice this Year

Winter comes with that nerve breaking cold environment that not even the most efficient room heaters are worth trying. There isn’t any need for braving the cold weather that keeps you locked indoors with nowhere to play, do your jogging or merely take the trouble to walk. Fortunately, there are millions of winter travel destinations around the world. These places experience moderately worm climate that favors outdoor games, sun basking, and bathing as well as other activities. Moreover, the lodging facilities are affordable and serve a plethora of delicious meals.

Why travel for leisure?

Traveling for leisure during winter has many reasons apart from the obvious one…running away from the cold weather. Traveling for leisure rejuvenates the mind and ensures that one has the vigor to pick on his/ her responsibilities. For the lovers of meeting new people, interacting with different people as well as making friends, a winter getaway would serve a good purpose. On the leisure travels, one enjoys the opportunity to learn different cultures as well as engage in the most spectacular events such as dances. Business opportunities also appear through the interactions of people during the leisure travels. We cannot forget the beautiful scenarios that come with the leisure travels. For instance, the historical world beast migration of Serengeti-East Africa. The capturing of the hunting lions from the safety of a tour guide vehicle is a rare moment worth enjoying

Where can one get a special Winter Travel?

Serengeti National Park

This is a Tanzanian National Park with grassland savanna vegetation. During the months of January to March, the place experiences high daytime temperatures. The animals are in their breeding season during this time, there are high chances of experiencing the lions hunting, and the grazers such as the zebra and wild beasts feeding. In the evening, you will enjoy a comfortable night in any of the five-star hotels and lodgings. You will also enjoy superb meals prepared in a unique African recipe. If you are lucky enough, you will catch the Great Migration of the world beasts that make part of the world wonders.


Dubai offers one of the best winter escape options. Apart from enjoying the scenery of world’s tallest skyscraper, the hotels have indoor skiing, sunbathing as well as superb outstanding meals.

Go to South Africa

No one would resist taking a gulp of the rarely blended wines and spirits in the world. Moreover, the taste of game meat, as well as the delicious sea menus offered in the lodgings, are irresistible. Such moments and many others can only be found in a place far away from the snowy winter.

Best Vacation Hotels Around the World

If you think to go for a vacation, then this article is for you. Everyone is eagerly waiting for vacations, but they do not find the best place for a vacation to enjoy, if you find the best place then, they do not have the best hotels to stay and enjoy the every second of vacation. Then this article will helps you for your vacation trip. Let’s see some of the best vacation spots and their hotels:

Paris, France:

One of the top rated place in the world and this place is worth too seeing in your lifetime. Paris is like the best place to vacation if you never visited Paris, then you miss such amazing place. Paris is one of the fastest developing city and an old architect design city. Some of the best hotels/ lodging places in Paris:

1. Hotel Mathis (Paris, France): this is the best place to stay, the room of the hotels is vintage and it is well decor inside.
2. Le Meurice (Paris, France): it is the one of the oldest hotels in Paris almost 200 years, it has Versailles-style, which looks stunning and feels amazing.
3. Le Roch Hotel & Spa (Paris, France): this is the lavish hotel in Paris, it attracts the guest by its looks and it makes a fabulous interior in a hotel with good comfort for guests.

Read up on Paris here before traveling!

New York:

New York is the hi-tech city in the world. This looks the future of the world with its eye catching architecture and an arts scene. New York has an almost all brands of shopping available. New York is the city which never sleeps.

1. The Whitby (New York, United States): A unique hotels which are in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It offers top class services to their guest.
2. Crosby Street Hotel (New York, United States): it is a great design and sophistication hotels, which provide classic details in their design.
3. The St. Regis New York (New York, United States): this is among the luxury hotels of the New York. It provides a lavish interior design with a great combination in design.

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Rome, Italy:

If you are historical architect lovers, then this is for you. Rome is known for a best architect design in the world. Rome has one of the oldest architect structures in the world, which is stunning and also now attracts many peoples of the world with its architect design.

1. Hotel Raphael (Rome, Italy): like the city is old architect, design, the hotel is also an old design from outside. It is great from inside with a rooftop restaurant.
2. The H’All Tailor Suite (Rome, Italy): this is a stylish hotel in Rome, it provides the luxury rooms for the guest and a highly attentive service to guests.
3. Gran Meliá Rome (Rome, Italy): this hotel is located in the heart of the historic Rome. It is the largest hotel in the heart of the Rome. it also provides all the luxury facilities to their guest.

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